Get Your Passive Income From The Internet

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Which would you prefer – working for the rest of your life and getting paid with miserable monthly salary or working only once but continued to be paid for the rest of your life?

If you work only once and get paid many times over, you're earning a "residual" income. Of course you would and should choose the latter.

Therefore in order to build wealth, you need to tap into "residual" income.

Very often this is also referred to as "passive"income because you could afford to be passive or non-active (i.e. not having to work) and still continue to receive income.

Many of us have been brought up to have only one major objective in life – that is to get a good job for life! We work hard in schools so that we could get good grades to advance to colleges and universities where we work even harder so that you could get a good and secured "job". And this quest is never ending leading many to fall into the trap of "rat race" despite the fact that many could be drawing quite a handsome salary!


However many of these so-called "rich" employees are not "free" to spend badly needed valuable time with members of their families because of their very demanding jobs. Even medical doctors could not really relax and enjoy a long vacation for fear of the loss of income or patients while their clinics remain closed.

With the huge and expanding audience (600 millions, at least), many companies have now aligned themselves with the Internet which has created many new paradigms in the past few years. Residual Incomes are made available to people from all walks of life. You can now make money online with simple and proven formula used by many to earn multiple streams of residual income.

Many programs have been designed for new Internet marketers who have no time or interest to learn HTML, Java, PHP and ASP. With a simple Control Panel, they are only a few clicks away from having a complete and professional website to start your online Internet home-based business! There is absolutely no worry about computer programming, webpage design and product creation! Affiliate programs make life so much easier now.

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Copyright© John Woon 2005