Some Simple Advice To All Internet Marketing Newbies

Copyright © 2005 John Woon

Having been involved with Internet home based businesses for about 2 years, I continue to be bombarded by an endless barrage of offers in the inbox of my e-mails. All these sales letters claim that my search for the perfect Internet business should stop because what they are offering is the ultimate "Secret" for all Internet marketers for making a massive income in the shortest possible time and with very little cost and no effort involved.

How often have you heard this: "Running your own Internet home based business is a piece of cake!" Very often the exact opposite happens for many eager but new home based business owners.

I had also heard how easy it was to rake in tens of thousands of dollars practically over night so that one can have all kinds of "free time" and extra cash for traveling and shopping at my favorite stores. Many free websites were being offered. What I needed was to have one set up and running and I was on the way to becoming an Internet millionaire in no time!


Later I was advised as follows:

"If you really want to succeed in your own Internet home based business, be it an affiliate marketing or your own products and services, you will have to work hard at making it successful. You must treat it as your serious job or business, not as your hobby. You have to have a serious business plan which you can adhere to with full commitment."

Everybody thinks it would be great if just with a few easy clicks you can be running on auto-pilot, bringing in massive amount of cash. But without some kind of planning and consistent effort you have to be prepared for encountering failures.

From my own experience, there is no such thing as cheap "secret" or magic in this business! Also, despite the fact that it is "home-based", it is from far from being simple and easy with no effort. One has to work as hard if not harder than the physical brick and mortar world....... Click HERE to read the whole article.



Copyright© John Woon 2005