How to Write or Create Your Own Articles

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As you would surely be aware after some time in the Internet marketing business, submitting your articles and getting them re-published on others' websites and newsletters/ezines is one of the most powerful Internet marketing strategies. Your articles will start working as a free advertisement for you forever. And you do not have to pay even a dime for such advertising space. You will continue to enjoy free traffic driven to your website for a long, long time!

Assuming you have decided to venture into writing your own articles, the following checklist should offer you as a very useful guide to help you overcome some common problems all beginners find in writing articles:

1) Decide on a Specific Objective
Always begin with a clear objective of writing an article. Is it a solution and answer to a particular problem faced by many? Is it an article expressing one's experience in certain field? Or is it an article to attract prospective customers.

2) Target Your Audience
Before writing an article, ensure that the targeted audience is big enough to make your effort worthwhile. Ensure that this target is relevant, meaning they would find your article beneficial. For example as I write this article the target audience is the Internet marketers who want to drive or improve traffic to their sites by submitting articles to directories etc and are looking for a good guidance to do so effectively.


3) Give a Brief Description of the Article
With a quick glance the reader would immediately know the gist of the purpose, the important points and benefits of this article.

4) Create an Attention Grabbing Title
Perhaps we need some tips from the Advertising experts. One has this to say :
"People that sell products to help you stop smoking don't sell the "stop smoking" part. They sell the part about making your breath better, improving your health, living longer, getting better-looking dates, having whiter teeth".

Hence your title must grab the reader's attention and prompt them to start reading at least the introduction of your article in order not to miss the benefits by ignoring your article!

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Copyright© John Woon 2005