How Search Engines Optimization Could Help You in Your Internet Business

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Search engines are the first things Internet surfers look for when they are searching for goods or services. Where your website appears to the visitors in their search results is of utmost importance. The objective of all Internet marketers is to ensure that their URLs appear right at the top of the first page or at least the first 50th position because visitors would tend to click only on the most prominent URLs.
This boils down to "Search Engine Optimization", commonly referred to as "SEO" and it is also the holy grail of web design. There are many ways to optimize your site so that search engines will list your site higher in their rankings.

First and foremost, it is the "keyword". Keywords are the foundation on which the entire search engine system works. If a top ranking site suddenly drops drastically, it may mean that certain content of the website has become invisible or inaccessible to search engine spiders and crawlers. Very often certain particular keyword or phrase has been ineffective due to fierce competition. For beginners, it is advisable to start with keywords which are not too competitive to at least get some traffic going first.


Hence, search engine optimization refers to the development of the right keyword strategies to ensure good ranking of your website. The most effective advertising technique online today is good placement in the search engines.

First thing you have to do is to choose your keywords wisely. There are a number of good sites that could help you select the right keywords (or phrases). One example of such free sites is What you need to do is to enter your main site name and they would suggest the keywords in the order of search popularity.

Fill these keywords in the metatags first. As you would find in most good websites by clicking "View" and then “Source” within your web browser, the metatag description and keywords are always placed right at the top before the title and anything else. (Metatags are hidden HTML directions for Web browsers or search engines. They include important information such as the title of each page, relevant keywords describing site content and the description of the site that shows up when a search engine returns a search. Make sure your metatags accurately describe your content)

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Copyright© John Woon 2005