8 Things All Internet Marketer Wannabes Should Know

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Thousands of Internet marketer wannabes have decided to become the next batch of Internet Millionaires.
They have read that about 600 million people have access to the Internet - and yet it is still in its infancy. Every month millions of newcomers and thousands of businesses are reported to be setting up online.

With the expanding audience in the form of Internet users, we now have a fantastic opportunity to be successful in online business.

Residual Incomes are made available to people from all walks of life. You can now make money online with simple and proven formula used by many to earn multiple streams of residual income.
However it takes a lot of hard work and some financial investment. The following is a short list of 8 things you should be aware of:



1.1 Products
When you sell a product you can either carry out the whole operation of manufacturing or creating the products, handling orders, stocking and inventory management, shipping the goods, and processing the payments OR you could simply join some affiliate programs and market for companies that will handle all the administration for you.

Your job is therefore merely to get the orders to the companies and receive commission as a result of your effort. The question we should ask ourselves is "What products should we sell?"

We should all know that the item that has been recognized as the number one business product of the future is "information". Examples of highly successful information products are the "how-to" and "self-improvement" e-books which tell the readers how to solve certain problems. If you are knowledgeable about a particular subject you could consider writing and developing your own products and delivering it via the many channels opened to you such as websites, newsletters, ezines and emails.

1.2. Services
One advantage of selling a service is that you can often generate a "residual" income. It is possible to have a monthly passive income as long as the existing customers continue to use your service. But we should ask again "What types of service are suitable for online selling?"

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